Python programs (or other script language) on wiki?

Ferenc Veres lion at
Fri Sep 19 20:00:44 CEST 2008


I have some problems with this idea.

(Hehe, sorry. ;-) )

First, I hate to see programs editable by anyone what I plan to install 
on my operating system. I trust a project repository much more, thank 
public wiki. I guess (didn't check) write access is not automatic after 
registration on the projects tracker.

If the script is 200-500 lines, this applies even more. If it is 20-30 
lines only, it's great to copy/paste to/from the Wiki. I can overview it 
before running.

 From Wiki you will have to copy/paste the script for developing it. 
Then you will work for some hours, and when copying back, you may 
overwrite someone else's changes (or someone will overwrite your changes 
the same way). I guess you don't want to develop in the edit field of 
the Wiki. Merging may be much more difficult than with SVN tools.

So I think, longer scripts should be packages, shorter ones could be 
copy/paste. But short and very often used ones should also be packages. 
I hope "Basic End User" (=no config file tweaking) will be able to use 
most basic functions, even if that's done by a small script.


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