Ferenc Veres lion at
Fri Sep 19 20:22:39 CEST 2008


This is very difficult this way. I created the tree-copy on the 
discussion page to design a better system by editing that article 
instead moving tens of articles and subcategories all around.

Minh Ha Duong írta, 2008-09-19 10:14 keltezéssel:

> I moved "Debug Board" in "Phones".

And then you moved it to "System developers" which is even better! Thanks.

> I moved "System Developers" up.
> I propose to rename it "System development"
> I moved "Application Developers" up
> I propose to rename it "Application development"

Do you really target the two level system above all? Well, I like these 
two changes, and agree with renaming. This is much better than trying to 
squeeze these in "Guides".

> I flattened "Guides"

Good, really! :-)

> I propose to rename "Advanced End User" as "Power user"
> I propose to rename "Basic End User" as "Everyday uses"

Or we could simply kill those two. They are placeholders. I created them 
based on the two bad list pages with the same name, and to split user 
information (original huge "User" category, which contained just 

Maybe the further User's Manual will not distinguish these this way.

I thought, these two could be useful for collecting various articles for 
further use in the Users Guide, and to overview what's possible for 
basic users, and what is limited to power users only. (From that 
developers could see which areas must be improved.)

There are only a few articles which are not assigned to a secondary 
category. Still, there will be a few which don't fit anywhere else. If 
you add them to "Guides", the Guides category will be flooded again 
soon. (I am even thinking we should have another name for that.)

Do you think there are visitors looking for information this way:

- Ok, I want a guide.
- I want a guide, which is for power users.
- Ok, it should be here somewhere.... hm... isn't it?...


> I propose to move everything in "Used chip" into "Chip" and delete "Used chip"

I don't agree, it's very important to distinguish various collected chip 
information and used chips in actual sold hardware. There are so much 
chips collected for further and previous info they shouldn't be mixed 
with actual used stuff.


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