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Ferenc Veres lion at
Fri Sep 19 21:30:57 CEST 2008


What's the policy for talk pages? Keep them as history for long time? 
Delete outdated stuff? Integrate useful stuff into the page?

One example, I worked with Import Vcf Cards lately. It had a section to 
describe exporting contacts from various programs, e.g. Outlook, Mac OS. 
Then it has a comment on Talks for exporting from Thunderbird.

Second example, same page. It has question about mass deleting contacts 
on ASU on Talk. It was briefly answered for Qtopia on the Page and more 
briefly on the Talk too. Based on answers, I created an an exact 
(copy-paste-done) solution for Om 2008.8 and added to Page.

I think useful additions on Talk should be integrated to the Page. So 
that I cut&paste the Thunderbird export (I will even test it) to the 
Page's export section, and I simply delete the question and answer about 
ASU mass delete, since this is already explained on the page. People 
reading that long question and answer would just waste time.

Is it ok to do? Could we do this in the future? Some people adds really 
important information to Talk... I don't know how many people reads Talk 
(I don't).

Also, there is a minor note about trying to import ".txt" will fail, and 
should be renamed to ".vcf", that would fit well in the Page too, and 
then completely delete Talk content.

Is that what you guys/girls also do?

Many thanks,

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