RFC: delete "hardware" and "Neo 1973" from "Navigation" box (also add FAQ and applications, and repurpose applications)

Minh Ha Duong haduong at centre-cired.fr
Fri Sep 19 21:49:59 CEST 2008

> I'm bringing this up again because it might take awhile to sort out our
> category mechanism. Meanwhile, "Neo 1973" and "hardware" are still in
> the navigation box, and other, more pressing items, are not.
> To improve usefulness off the home page immediately, I propose we make
> the following changes to the "Navigation" box
> 1. Remove "Neo 1973" and "hardware"


> 2. Add a link to the FAQ

+0.5 Otherwise it can go under "For Users" (replacing "Applications" ?)

> 3. Add a link to "Applications"

+1. It will look good right next to "Distributions".

> 1) the current "applications" page is not really meaningful. Half of it
> belongs on a developer page of some sort. The other half might serve as
> an introduction to a real application page
> 2. The purpose of the page should be for finding applications for the
> FreeRunner. Thus, the page "Openmoko_Community_Applications" should be
> renamed "Applications", and each application can indicate whether it
> comes from the community or from Openmoko. Then we (I volunteer) should
> add all the applications we know about that are not yet listed.
> 3. If "applications" gets too big, we break it up into function (games,
> PIM, system tools, etc.) and not by source. Reason: Users wanting an
> application are first concerned with functionality, and only secondarily
> with where it comes from.
> Comments?

I would say there are two aspects to this is big and complicated issue.

Short term: yes, "Openmoko_Community_Applications" never made much sense to 
me. Merging it into "Applications" and then deleting it would make sense.

The interface guidelines clearly belong to another page in the "Application 
development" section.

Long term:

- Application is a category. Why are we having a separate page ?

- We will want to make a template for boxes that present applications 
uniformly. See this example:

{{Infobox VG |title = Baldur's Gate
|image = [[Image:Baldur's Gate box.PNG|256px|center]]
|developer = [[BioWare]]
|publisher = [[Black Isle Studios]]/[[Interplay Entertainment|Interplay]]
|designer = [[Ray Muzyka]] <small>([[Game director|director]])</small>
|composer = [[Michael Hoenig]]
|engine = [[Infinity Engine]]
|released = [[30 November]] [[1998 in video gaming|1998]]
|genre = [[Computer role-playing game]]
|series= [[Baldur's Gate series|Baldur's Gate]] ''series
|modes = [[Single player]], [[Multiplayer game|Multiplayer]]
|ratings = [[Entertainment Software Rating Board|ESRB]]: T 
(Teen)<br />[[Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle|USK]]: 
12+<br />[[Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association|ELSPA]]: 
15+<br />[[Office of Film and Literature Classification (Australia)|OFLC]]: 
|platforms = [[Microsoft Windows]], [[Macintosh]]
|media = 5 [[CD-ROM]]s, 3 CD-ROMs, 1 [[DVD]]
|requirements = 166 [[Hertz|MHz]] [[Central processing unit|CPU]], 16 
[[Megabyte|MB]] [[Random access memory|RAM]], 2 MB [[video card]] RAM, 4X 
CD-ROM drive, [[DirectX]] 5.0, 300 MB available [[hard disk]] space, 
[[Windows 95]]
|input = [[Computer keyboard|Keyboard]], [[mouse (computing)|mouse]]

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