RFC: delete "hardware" and "Neo 1973" from "Navigation" box (also add FAQ and applications, and repurpose applications)

Ferenc Veres lion at netngine.hu
Fri Sep 19 22:03:19 CEST 2008


Minh Ha Duong írta, 2008-09-19 21:58 keltezéssel:
>> All what you say is there. Please note the List Pages on the top of the
>> articles (above A), there you can see we have too many of Article List
>> Pages. (Also mentioned on
>> http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Wiki_Issues#Redundant_Pages.
> That paragraph is not clear to me...

I mean, that we have too many Article list pages. They are listed as:


     * Applications
     * Om 2007.2 Applications
     * Openmoko Community Applications
     * Available Packages
     * Applications directory

>> oops, wiki editor know-how should go to discussion page I think
>> "Our reference standard here is the Freedesktop application category
>> names. "  (That's on Applications category description.)
> Yes, this sentence should go to the Discussion page, please keep it for now at 
> least until it is obviously not necessary. The list of subcategories is not 
> yet like the standard categories in the "Start" menu. For example "GPS 
> Applications" 

Please don't try to enforce a desktop system start menu. GPS 
Applications is an EXCELLENT entry in Applications even if it's not 
listed in FreeDesktop.org menu. I am sure that many people clicks that 
after opening "Applications" category.


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