Minh Ha Duong haduong at
Fri Sep 19 22:52:12 CEST 2008

> This is very difficult this way. I created the tree-copy on the
> discussion page to design a better system by editing that article
> instead moving tens of articles and subcategories all around.

Yes, like renaming populated categories without a bot.

> > I moved "System Developers" up.
> > I propose to rename it "System development"
> >
> > I moved "Application Developers" up
> > I propose to rename it "Application development"
> Do you really target the two level system above all? Well, I like these
> two changes, and agree with renaming.

Okay, task queued to :

> > I propose to rename "Advanced End User" as "Power user"
> > I propose to rename "Basic End User" as "Everyday uses"
> Or we could simply kill those two. They are placeholders. I created them
> based on the two bad list pages with the same name, and to split user
> information (original huge "User" category, which contained just
> everything).

I don't like them much either. But it makes sense to tag tasks that are using 
the smartphone from tasks that require login. It's as well if every page is 
tagged in another category. Rename and keep them ?

> > I propose to move everything in "Used chip" into "Chip" and delete "Used
> > chip"
> I don't agree, it's very important to distinguish various collected chip
> information and used chips in actual sold hardware. There are so much
> chips collected for further and previous info they shouldn't be mixed
> with actual used stuff.

Agreed in principle, but I had the impression that the pages in "Chip" were 
indeed used in the FreeRunner. Anyway:
- "Used" is not the appropriate word, it means "second hand" not "selected"
- When making two sister categories, their names should be balanced.

How about "Chips (selected)" and "Chips (candidates)" ?

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