Python programs (or other script language) on wiki?

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Sat Sep 20 04:13:38 CEST 2008

all valid points you bring up. MediaWiki is not a development  

I just think there may be room in the middle somewhere. There may be  
valuable short Python scripts, that are not edited a lot, i.e. the  
danger of editing conflicts is very low.
The overhead of creating a project at or other sites  
is too much.
Copy/paste as a technique will be too hard for many people, how  
exactly do you 'paste' into the phone?

I will try to find out what it would take to make this possible. If  
people prefer other means ( etc) to get their stuff on  
the phone we just shut it down again...
But we will never find out unless we try I think, and it should be  
fairly easy to try it out.
I will keep you posted, Best Regards,

On Sep 20, 2008, at 2:00 AM, Ferenc Veres wrote:

> Hi,
> I have some problems with this idea.
> (Hehe, sorry. ;-) )
> First, I hate to see programs editable by anyone what I plan to  
> install
> on my operating system. I trust a project repository much more, thank
> public wiki. I guess (didn't check) write access is not automatic  
> after
> registration on the projects tracker.
> If the script is 200-500 lines, this applies even more. If it is 20-30
> lines only, it's great to copy/paste to/from the Wiki. I can  
> overview it
> before running.
> From Wiki you will have to copy/paste the script for developing it.
> Then you will work for some hours, and when copying back, you may
> overwrite someone else's changes (or someone will overwrite your  
> changes
> the same way). I guess you don't want to develop in the edit field of
> the Wiki. Merging may be much more difficult than with SVN tools.
> So I think, longer scripts should be packages, shorter ones could be
> copy/paste. But short and very often used ones should also be  
> packages.
> I hope "Basic End User" (=no config file tweaking) will be able to use
> most basic functions, even if that's done by a small script.
> Regards,
> Ferenc
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