Python programs (or other script language) on wiki?

Minh Ha Duong haduong at
Sat Sep 20 08:48:01 CEST 2008

Le samedi 20 septembre 2008, Wolfgang Spraul a écrit :
> Ferenc,
> all valid points you bring up. MediaWiki is not a development
> platform...
> I just think there may be room in the middle somewhere. There may be
> valuable short Python scripts, that are not edited a lot, i.e. the
> danger of editing conflicts is very low.
> The overhead of creating a project at or other sites
> is too much.
> Copy/paste as a technique will be too hard for many people, how
> exactly do you 'paste' into the phone?
> I will try to find out what it would take to make this possible. If
> people prefer other means ( etc) to get their stuff on
> the phone we just shut it down again...
> But we will never find out unless we try I think, and it should be
> fairly easy to try it out.
> I will keep you posted, Best Regards,
> Wolfgang

Given the present security model, I would strongly suggest that there is human 
review in the loop between crawling and packaging.

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