symlinks to releases

Ferenc Veres lion at
Sat Sep 20 19:38:04 CEST 2008


Is it really necessary to have date-less symlinks to versions?

[   ] Om2008.9.rootfs.jffs2                 19-Sep-2008 15:55   68M
[   ] Om2008.9.rootfs.tar.gz                19-Sep-2008 16:03   49M
[   ] Om2008.9.splash.gz                    03-Sep-2008 21:58  2.4K
[   ] Om2008.9.uImage.bin

A few weeks ago someone sent a mail here, that download directories are 
confusing. I thought, he refers to the old directories with 30-50 files, 
you remember, daily snapshots of ASU and 2007.2 for both phones plus 
uboot, etc... But NO! He referred to a simple directory like this (or 
maybe a bit longer one):

(2008.9 -> so same problem again, that's why I bring it up again)


Date stamp will not ever change on the files in this certain directory, 
so it's unnecessary to have a link to "most recent file" or whatever. 
External linkers can use the full file name. Also better, because it's 
more describing in the destination folders of the downloading users.

Don't _force_ users to choose, especially when there are NO choices.)


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