Ferenc Veres lion at netngine.hu
Mon Sep 22 00:30:59 CEST 2008

Minh Ha Duong írta, 2008-09-20 15:58 keltezéssel:
> Hi everybody,
>   I just discovered another useful wiki concept we seem to have underused so 
> far: portals.
> See http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Wiki_Issues#Portals
> where I refer to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal:Contents/Portals
>  I propose that we name distribution home pages "Portals" and write them in 
> that spirit.

Good idea. However the portals I just checked on Wikipedia looks very 
difficult to create/maintain. :-) (They are too good! ;-) )

Besides Distribution pages like Om 2008.8, these pages (Which are 
proposed for improvement on Wiki Issues) could also be implemented as 
portals, what do you think?


Will we call these Portal: like Wikipedia? Will we create a namespace 
for it? (Search should search in portal content by default.)

(Anyway, it might be useful to keep their title in line with the related 
category name. I am not sure about *End User category renames yet, 
that's why I did not answer, maybe some others could also check that 
mail. I think I'll move some "forgotten" issues to Wiki Issues page from 
my mailbox.)


ps:Minh, I've executed your proposal (delete) on the usergroups template 
and the necessary changes on the 2 related pages.

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