symlinks to releases

Ferenc Veres lion at
Mon Sep 22 21:56:17 CEST 2008


Thanks for explaining.

Julian Chu írta, 2008-09-22 06:13 keltezéssel:
>    An Engineer can see the name and to know "If I checkout out the date
>    of OE tree, I can start building the same image."

So far I never succeeded to build Om OE, but is that really true, that 
the DATE is enough, with no time? Does it commit changes only once a 
day? (I don't know, so I am just asking.)

Anyway, I understand the PM on nicer links. But then everybody who links 
like that:

will also link to kernel and splash? So 3 long links instead one shorter 
where users can download the 3 files? I am curious where exactly this 
"nicer link" is used? PM per PR-wise?

Anyway, 2008.9 is not linked from

at all. Is that good? Is it an "unimportant" release? (I installed it 
the first day it came out.) (And since the note about "opkg upgrade" was 
missing, what Minh added today, to 2008.9 page, I did a Re-Flash, 
because I wasn't sure how near I can get to that result with just an 
opkg. (Probalby this was a FAQ on community@ those days, sorry, I am not 
subscribed yet. :-) )


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