wishlist vs. applications

haduong at centre-cired.fr haduong at centre-cired.fr
Mon Sep 22 21:59:42 CEST 2008

> Ferenc Veres wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Minh, I don't think Wishlist items should be added to the Applications
>> categories, like for example to Telephony. I see you added, for example:
>> http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Wishlist/Synchronized_High_Quality_Recording
>> But we have so many crazy ideas in Wishlists, that flooding the actual
>> application categories with them, won't help users looking for software
>> (and not ideas).
> Agreed. Applications should only list working applications. I would
> include also Alpha and even pre-alpha releases, if they demonstrate
> basic functionality, because being visible might attract more people to
> help move it forward.

As long as the "Applications" pages are maintained by hand, it does not
matter that the "Applications" subcategories include pages also tagged

If someday the "Applications" pages are maintained automatically, then
this will probably be done using the "Semantic MediaWiki" extension, which
allows to build lists of pages filtering out those tagged "Ideas".


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