size of the Applications page

Ferenc Veres lion at
Tue Sep 23 00:10:30 CEST 2008


Earlier we had a discussion, that max 8 apps should be added to 
[[Applications]], then we agreed to exceed that.

Well, I think we will have problems with size. It will be difficult to 
overview. I have no ideas yet, bringing up for discussion.

For example this one looks cool:

And this:

would require some more info I think. Maybe category headings and one 
line description at least. I have no clue what is "Mokostat" for example 
or would it be useful for me to click that link. Or Wicd, or Tychi...

The current [[Applications]] HTML is too complex, I think my old format 
with a simple left aligned image was easier to maintain. (However it 
required a <div style="clear: left"></div> tag! :-( ) Current one 
requires a huge HTML header for each entry. Compare with HTML of Browser 
(link below).

The info about programs needs to be "standardized".

Not all programs will have their own page in the Wiki, but many of those 
still deserve an entry on one of the application lists. E.g. I've just 
added gpe-filemanager to have some useful result when searching for 
"filemanager" in search!

I've updated

page a bit (I think it should be called "Browsers"). Added screenshots 
and tried to work out a standard format. Not much luck so far. The 
creation of this page by "Kbjorgensen" brings up the idea to split 
[[Applications]] page (now or later) and create more overview pages of 
categories of applications.

Or should I add the 2 other browsers to [[Applications]]? That has only 1!

I think we should provide the fact, if the package is available in the 
standard repository. Just writing

"Distributions: Om 2008.8"

will not explain whether the user just has to go to installer or has to 
download an IPK from external source.

We should also list the package name. Browser page is the first to do 
that now. Why? For easy "opkg install package-name", of course.

Providing download link on list pages is not a good idea if the program 
has its own wiki page.

I am not satisfied with current results, any better ideas?

Make applications a more brief page (something between itself and 
Application_directroy? (by another merge)) and make category-based list 
pages with the screenshots instead?

If the brief list is based on the same category set as the 
sub-application-list-pages, then the brief list can easily link to the 
more detailed lists. And well, maybe "Browser" should be "Internet 
Applications", probably all those would fit on one page for now and then 
we could use the Category names / category structure.

Just ideas...


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