size of the Applications page

Minh Ha Duong haduong at
Tue Sep 23 01:06:52 CEST 2008

> Yes, exactly, but i would break the larger groups into further sub-groups:

Sticking to the Freedesktop standard as much as possible. And that level of 
granularity is will be needed only when there are much more applications to 
describe, so it's not urgent.

> (Can we add the nice little navigation menu, or do we need Brenda or Roh
> to do that since it's outside of the wiki?)

We already have the CategoryTree extension which is a navigation menu. I am 
not sure about the "nice" part, but restyling is out of our reach.

> (Looking at your work, I think it might be nice to have a single word
> stating the code maturity, perhaps only 3 simple options like prototype,
> functional, mature.)

Why not stick with pre-alpha, alpha, beta, stable, mature ?

> (Also, since some applications won't run on all distros, it might be
> smart to have a line indicating which distros this app will work with.)

Yes, "tested on"

 Let's keep it as simple as possible. It is NOT the function of a wiki to 
manage a directory of applications. So while it is possible, to make it 
proporly will be hackish and technically complicated.

>  > And this:
> Argh! Another one of those manually created lists I so hate. Poorly
> written description as well. Argh! I propose we get rid of this page as
> soon as we've confirmed that all programs discussed here are mentioned
> in the appropriate place: Applications on the applications page, all
> other programs in the relevant sections.

Yes, but see my previous mail. We want to provide a clear and simple procedure 
for people to register their application in the wiki.


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