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Wed Sep 24 23:18:22 CEST 2008


What are the Tar.gz files? Is it easy to create the tar.gz from jffs2? 
(I guess it's a mount and cp -rp?, but question is whether jffs2 is 
default supported by the operating systems of who needs the .Tar.Gz.) 
Who uses the tar.gz, for what? Do we need them? :-)

I just met 2 confused users on the IRC not understanding what to 
download from that directory. (Of course we should revise [[Download]] 

Remember, there are only 9 files. (33% of what are symlinks to other.)


"I'm a little bit confused. Can somebody tells me what files I need fro 
the list on to update 
my freerunner. I plan to use OpenMoko flasher for macosx. Should I load 
all the available files in this dir? (bin, tar.gz and jffs2 files) 
FunnyI just typed the same question."

And the question he refers to:

"n00b question: I just downloaded the .tar.gz of the rootfs and splash 
for 2008.9. Does dfu-util use the .tar.gz or do I need to extract it or 
something? :-X I extracted the rootfs only to find a Linux directory 
tree, which doesn't seem right. :P"


Ferenc Veres írta, 2008-09-22 21:56 keltezéssel:
> Hi,
> Thanks for explaining.
> Julian Chu írta, 2008-09-22 06:13 keltezéssel:
>>    An Engineer can see the name and to know "If I checkout out the date
>>    of OE tree, I can start building the same image."
> So far I never succeeded to build Om OE, but is that really true, that 
> the DATE is enough, with no time? Does it commit changes only once a 
> day? (I don't know, so I am just asking.)
> Anyway, I understand the PM on nicer links. But then everybody who links 
> like that:
> will also link to kernel and splash? So 3 long links instead one shorter 
> where users can download the 3 files? I am curious where exactly this 
> "nicer link" is used? PM per PR-wise?
> Anyway, 2008.9 is not linked from
> at all. Is that good? Is it an "unimportant" release? (I installed it 
> the first day it came out.) (And since the note about "opkg upgrade" was 
> missing, what Minh added today, to 2008.9 page, I did a Re-Flash, 
> because I wasn't sure how near I can get to that result with just an 
> opkg. (Probalby this was a FAQ on community@ those days, sorry, I am not 
> subscribed yet. :-) )
> Ferenc
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