application categories: graphics, office, system.

Michael Shiloh michael at
Thu Sep 25 18:07:38 CEST 2008

Ferenc Veres wrote:
> Hm,
> Before that also gets renamed like
> Internet -> Internet Applications (I completely agree!)
> I'd better ask first:
> Should I create these as
> Graphics Applications
> Office Applications
> System Applications
> (probably better than e.g. "Graphics" (people would put wallpaper in 
> it!), or "System" (who knows what editors would put in that), since the 
> category "structure" is not a tree basically, we just make a tree of 
> them by assigning them together, but in the system they are flat.)
> :-?

I have the dilemma myself. It seems redundant, but on the other hand it 
helps emphasize that these categories are for applications and that 
system stuff belongs elsewhere.

I vote for including the word "Applications".


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