symlinks to releases

Michael Shiloh michael at
Thu Sep 25 18:49:20 CEST 2008

Ferenc Veres wrote:
> Hi,
> What are the Tar.gz files? 

Mostly, I think, for putting on SD cards, but there may be another reason

Is it easy to create the tar.gz from jffs2?

Pretty easy, but it does save some time and a few steps.

> (I guess it's a mount and cp -rp?, but question is whether jffs2 is 
> default supported by the operating systems of who needs the .Tar.Gz.) 
> Who uses the tar.gz, for what? Do we need them? :-)
> I just met 2 confused users on the IRC not understanding what to 
> download from that directory. (Of course we should revise [[Download]] 
> too.)

We just need to explain it better.

> Remember, there are only 9 files. (33% of what are symlinks to other.)

I wish we could get rid of the symlinks....

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