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Ferenc Veres lion at
Thu Sep 25 22:39:58 CEST 2008

Minh Ha Duong írta, 2008-09-25 22:23 keltezéssel:
> Hi,
>  I created Template:ApplicationBox and used it for a couple of entries in the 
> Applications page to show how it works.
> Comments ?


I think there is a little misunderstanding.

You made a template for for the application list, but I think earlier we 
discussed having a template on the applications own page. Like for example:

The side box with image. That would be on the page of the application 
itself, if it has an article.

Of course it's great to have both!

Here is how I see applications now:

I created categories and moved articles (all according to, I even added the list of subcategories to every 
category's description, so user can easily decide what to find/put there).

I updated your original

added sections and one line description. I think now it fits the 
requirement we set for usefulness of list pages.

I think we should put this in place of

and move those templated, designed, detailed descriptions to pages like 
(I renamed "Browser") :

These will be then templated too.

About the template itself: I don't think it need so many borders and 
lines. But we can change any time, so no problem.

About template content: it looks cool. What happens if we want to add a 
new field later? Is that possible without the need of updating all uses?

What do you think?

Now, I think we will work with appearances of some applications. 2 
appearances of all applications. (2 for those which does not have a full 

We need to decide which info to put on which. The short list, name, 
direct link to page, description, link to list pages per section.

The template you made: longer description, link to page, link to 
homepage, availabilty. package name. These are needed, because we must 
take into consideration that many programs won't have a more detailed page.

What goes to the application page? We leave them all different for now?


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