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Ferenc Veres lion at
Fri Sep 26 21:38:26 CEST 2008


Minh Ha Duong írta, 2008-09-26 10:02 keltezéssel:
>  Here is our organization then:

Good job! It took a while to understand this solution, but that's 
because I didn't know the {{:page name here}} tag, and the 
<includeonly>. Do you think this method is right? No side-effects of 
that <includeonly> tag?

> - Each application has its page

I think some applications will not have it's own page. That fact does 
not make the program less important; just nobody wanted to write 
anything about it so far. I am not sure it's worth to create a box-only 
page for them.

Two Audio players don't have a page yet, but it is still good to know 
that they are available, on which distro they are and what package needs 
to be installed.

I planned to include them on the List of... pages directly, using the 
ApplicationBox template.

Should we create the brief <includeonly> page for all of those?

As I can see you created the box-only pages for two browsers:

a.) create the box-only pages for everything
b.) add ApplicationBox template to the List of blabla page until that 
program also needs a real page

> - The page has an ApplicationBox template between <onlyinclude> tags
> - The "List of X applications" just lists the application pages

I hope users will understand and catch up doing so. :-) It is a good 
solution. But I think we should do b.) from the above.

(It will exclude those programs from category's article list too, but 
well, if we don't have anything to write about a program, then there is 
no article, people will hopefully understand that.)

(That is less work. And other contributors can easily add an 
application, without extra task of creating, understanding, linking the 
<noinclude> box-only articles.)

> - "Category:X" includes the content of "List of X Applications"
> See "List of Internet Applications"  and "Category:Internet Applications" 

I think this is not necessary. Category itself already lists the items, 
and the manually maintained list may not contain everything, so we 
should not let the visitors play a puzzle, whether there is something on 
the short automatic article list, which is NOT on the upper manually 
maintained list.

You've removed "List of Internet Applications" page from the Internet 
Applications category, but I think it should be there (instead the large 
list), with this tag:

[[Category:Internet Applications| ]]

where "| " moves it to the top of the article list on the automatic 
article list. So readers will easily find the "intro".

What do you think?


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