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haduong at haduong at
Fri Sep 26 22:30:59 CEST 2008

> Good job! It took a while to understand this solution, but that's
> because I didn't know the {{:page name here}} tag, and the
> <includeonly>. Do you think this method is right? No side-effects of
> that <includeonly> tag?

I think this is the Right Method (tm) to build index pages. So says the
wikimedia documentation on "Transclusion" I read.

>> - Each application has its page
> I think some applications will not have it's own page. That fact does
> not make the program less important; just nobody wanted to write
> anything about it so far. I am not sure it's worth to create a box-only
> page for them.
> Should we create the brief <includeonly> page for all of those?

I would say that creating a brief page is the cleaner and more systematic
way. Somebody else can come later and document it. But go ahead if you
want to add the ApplicationBox in the List of X page, there will be time
later to make a new page.

> I think this is not necessary. Category itself already lists the items,
> and the manually maintained list may not contain everything, so we
> should not let the visitors play a puzzle, whether there is something on
> the short automatic article list, which is NOT on the upper manually
> maintained list.

The idea was to expose the bugs (missing pages) so that they are easier to
> You've removed "List of Internet Applications" page from the Internet
> Applications category, but I think it should be there (instead the large
> list).

The list of X is not an X. But the real reason was that it introduced a
recursive loop because of the transclusion. So doing like you say is good


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