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Ferenc Veres lion at
Fri Sep 26 23:50:03 CEST 2008


haduong at írta, 2008-09-26 22:30 keltezéssel:
> I think this is the Right Method (tm) to build index pages. So says the
> wikimedia documentation on "Transclusion" I read.

Great! :-) (So that's the mysterious word, what I could not find in the 
dictionary. I should have checked Wikipedia instead. :-) )

>> Should we create the brief <includeonly> page for all of those?
> I would say that creating a brief page is the cleaner and more systematic
> way. Somebody else can come later and document it. But go ahead if you
> want to add the ApplicationBox in the List of X page, there will be time
> later to make a new page.

I agree that's cleaner, but it's extra work. And visitors will be able 
to click on a link which gives no new information than the same box 
again. If everything goes well, eventually we will have all those with 
full page documentation, but until we don't, we can keep it shorter.

> recursive loop because of the transclusion. So doing like you say is good
> too.

Hehe, yep, I also saw the loop when I tried to add it. But now, as you 
also agreed, I changed it to that way:

List page is in the category, as "top" article.
List page content is NOT included into the category article.

Anyway, without these changes the only way to find List of Internet 
Applications was search, which was very frustrating while editing (but 
would also be bad while reading).

I made some more screenshots and added ApplicationBox templates.

While trying the programs I also expanded the documentation a little, 
e.g. feature list to PyFeedRead. So I think I'll work a little more on 
applications pages. (Any comments to that is welcome!)


ps: I am so happy that I deleted Qtopia so I can install this many 
programs now, Om 2008.8 rocks!

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