List of x Applications pages

Ferenc Veres lion at
Mon Sep 29 20:48:08 CEST 2008

Hi there,

I made a heavy use of Minh's ApplicationBox, any feedback would be 
appreciated, continue, stop immediately, undo all, etc?

List pages not renamed from original (yet?!):

Created or renamed list pages: (ex Games)

(This one was a good example where I did not create separate pages for 
applications, but used the ApplicationBox in the page itself. Games is 
like that too.)

All boxes on those pages are:

- created on the bottom of the linked app's page if app page existed
- created in the List_of page directly, if no app page exists

(This "List of" thing follows the Wikipedia guideline linked from our: 
  unless I misunderstand it.)

It's a huge work. More than I expected!

One danger in this: if someone deletes an application box from the 
destination page, the whole page will be included in the List page. :-p

I gave up with checking each program on my FR, I'll do that when the 
boxes and lists are ready. I build the boxes from already available 
information on the existing pages and boxes.

When ready, this page:

will overwrite the one with boxes:

(I have only 3 boxes left on that to reproduce on the program's own page 
or the list.)

To make "Application_Directory" (after it becomes "Applications") more 
colorful, we could add an Editors' pick for September 2008, with 
including some more info about one specific cool program.


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