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Michael Shiloh michael at
Mon Sep 29 23:36:16 CEST 2008

Ferenc Veres wrote:
> Ferenc Veres írta, 2008-09-26 22:27 keltezéssel:
>> Hi all,
>> Minh Ha Duong írta, 2008-09-26 10:02 keltezéssel:
>>>> About template content: it looks cool. What happens if we want to add a
>>>> new field later? Is that possible without the need of updating all uses?
>>> Yes of course, I think.
>> Repository is missing. Of course that's not an easy question, because 
>> for example if you write:
> And status? Will we add that (too)?
> The user friendly or the geeky wording, you guys discussed earlier? 
> (pre-alpha vs. whatever)

Whichever way we decide will work for some and confuse others.

One solution would be for the word "Status" to link to a page describing 
the different words and what they mean, to avoid confusion.

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