Categorizing images on the wiki

Marko Knöbl openmoko.marko at
Wed Dec 9 18:58:52 CET 2009

I accidentally sent my previous mail only to Patryk who kindly pointed
this out to me. So I'm quoting two mails that were exchanged in

2009/12/9, Patryk Benderz <Patryk.Benderz at>:
> Hi Marko
>> Thanks for giving your opinion.
>> I just noticed that I didn't express all my ideas clearly in my
>> original short post, so I'll try to make it clearer to avoid any
>> confusion:
>> I had imagined to create a top level category called "Category:
>> images" which has several subcategories called "Category:
>> screenshots", "Category: SHR images", and so on. "Category: SHR
>> screenshots" would be a subcategory of "Category: screenshots" and
>> "Category: SHR images".
> I understood you perfectly on previous post on ML, but i am affraid that
> this version of wiki does not have subcategories funcionality. If I am
> wrong and wiki supports subcategories, than we should use it. BTW, I
> have filled request to upgrade version of wiki software, but it looks
> like none of wiki admins had time to do it.
To me it looks like subcategories are working well: for example
there's this achain of categories:
Category:Categories>Distributions>Debian>FSO>Paroli - so I think the
software shouldn't cause any problem here.
>> That way you would have to browse all subcategories of "Category:
>> screenshots" if you wanted to view all screenshots. I think that this
>> wouldn't be that much work.
>> Furthermore I think users will often be searching specifically for SHR
>> screenshots, so there should be a separate category for them.
>> Concerning "Category: screenshot" vs "Category: screenshots": The
>> other categories on the wiki are using the plural form (Catagory:
> In that case we should use plural also.
> P.S. I think it is better to discuss such things on ML, not private.
> Don't hesitate to embarrass people on ML. Most of times this
> embarrassment is a result of their actions - not yours. Like this time:
> i didn't checked if categories on wiki are plural or singular-my fault.
Thanks for pointing this out - As I mentioned above I hadn't noticed
that I wasn't replying to the list.


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