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Marko Knöbl openmoko.marko at
Tue Feb 24 01:07:04 CET 2009

2009/2/6 William Lai <will at>:
> rakshat hooja wrote:
>> Is there any specific reason why the boxes giving a lot of information
>> and relevant information have been removed form the main page. I found
>> them quite useful - especially the latest news section
> It's a new year so we decided to go for something fresh.  The main
> points for the changes were:
> * linking main page to sales and distributors
> * moving critical links to main navigation on the left
> * remove clutter
> * attempt to organize in a way that guides new comers in a useful direction
> We can always revert, but we would like to try it out for a while.  The
> latest news section is still there, as we believe it's important too.
> Will
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While I like the new structure of the main navigation on the left, I
think that the main page has become worse.  I'd like to try and change
some parts of the main page. Is that okay, or should I leave editing
the main page to the people from Openmoko Inc?

Here's what I dislike about the new main page:
-a prominent link to "Why Openmoko" at the top: this article is
significantly outdated (it does not contain a word about android)
-the section "Get involved" seems like a random collection of links to
me (and none of them is telling me how I can get involved in the
-"university programs" is now linked twice from the main page
-The pages "Jokes" and "Getting Openmoko" have become practically
impossible to find - the only relevant links had been those from the
main page. If you think that these pages are not relevant, please
delete them entirely, don't just remove the links - this makes the
wiki become (more) unstructured.


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