Organize events information on wiki

Brenda Wang brenda_wang at
Wed Feb 25 10:33:07 CET 2009

Dear all:
I would like to organize Openmoko event news on wiki , to put news on
events page, community updates and wiki main page. By doing this ,
anyone who wants to join these events , can get event news easier.

Here is the rules :

1.Every events news will put on events page , including upcoming and
past events.

2. Upcoming news (events will hold from today to the end of next month )
will put on main page by edit events template

3. Events on each community updates , will put events hold from the
community updates release date to the next release ).

So, if you have any event news want to update on wiki , feel free to
update it on events page, or mail me , I can update it on wiki.

Best Regards


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