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William Lai will at
Wed Feb 25 12:34:15 CET 2009

Brenda Wang wrote:
> Marko Knöbl ??:
>> 2009/2/6 William Lai <will at>:


>> While I like the new structure of the main navigation on the left, I
>> think that the main page has become worse.  I'd like to try and change
>> some parts of the main page. Is that okay, or should I leave editing
>> the main page to the people from Openmoko Inc?
> It's OK to change the main page. And while you change the main page, 
> please sent a mail to the documentation list.

Just to add to that, everyone is welcome to change the main page.  The 
decisions from the change come from input gathered from distributors and 
people offlist.  There's is still lots of room for improvement.

>> Here's what I dislike about the new main page:
>> -a prominent link to "Why Openmoko" at the top: this article is
>> significantly outdated (it does not contain a word about android)

You could update it :)

>> -the section "Get involved" seems like a random collection of links to
>> me (and none of them is telling me how I can get involved in the
>> project)

Fair enough.  Perhaps linking to:

Makes more sense.

>> -"university programs" is now linked twice from the main page

Is now fixed after "Get Involved" has been updated.

>> -The pages "Jokes" and "Getting Openmoko" have become practically
>> impossible to find - the only relevant links had been those from the
>> main page. If you think that these pages are not relevant, please
>> delete them entirely, don't just remove the links - this makes the
>> wiki become (more) unstructured.

"How to purchase" has now been updated to include Getting Openmoko, 
along with quick links to other resources.

As for the Jokes page, where do you suggest it shoupld be placed on the 
main page?



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