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Marko Knöbl openmoko.marko at
Wed Jul 22 20:07:21 CEST 2009

2009/7/22, Marko Knöbl <openmoko.marko at>:
> Hi!
> Because of the recent efforts of creating a manual for SHR I have
> looked through the wiki and I have found that there are already
> several pages that could be seen as manuals for some distributions.
> However these are totally unstructured. Therefore I'd like to have
> some kind of standardisation about where the manuals should be put.
> For example Om 2008: I've found these pages which describe parts of Om
> 2008:
> "Getting Started with your Neo ReeRunner", "Om 2008 guide", "Om 2008
> Sudoku", "Om 2008 keyboard", "Om 2008 Installer" and "Om 2008
> locations". These pages are only loosely connected and hard to find.
> Therefore I would like to organize these manuals so information can be
> found more easily and they can be maintained better.
> My plan would be to separate device-specific information from
> distribution-specific information. So I'd propose to have
> device-manuals and distribution-manuals.
> Device-manuals could be written for Neo FreeRunner, Neo 1973 and
> probably E-TEN M 800 (SHR semms to work on this device). They would
> contain information about buttons and connectors, opening devices,
> inserting SIM/memory card, updating bootloader and GSM-firmware. The
> first sections of the page "Getting Started with your Neo FreeRunner"
> would be a good starting point for these pages.
> Distribution manuals would be manuals about certain distributions and
> basic applications of these distributions, no matter on what hardware
> they are installed.
> What do you think? Is this a good idea?
I've just have a deeper look into the existing pages of the wiki and
found the page "User's Manual" which is similar to what I had thought
of. Unfortunately this page never received much attention.
I think we could use this page as a starting point for the manuals.
However, as I've said before, I'd like to create one manual for each
distribution, and not one big manual where we put everything.
What I like about the concept of the existing manual is the structure
of the pages: There's one overwiew page called "User's Manual" and
several subpages labelled "User's Manual/Om 2008.8 Guide", "User's
Manual/Dialer", "User's Manual/Contacts",...
I think we could keep this concept and create "User's Manuals/Neo
FreeRunner", "User's Manuals/Neo 1973", "User's Manuals/SHR", ...
I think I'll start this transition in the next couple of days when I
have the time for it.

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