new process for deleting pages

Marko Knöbl openmoko.marko at
Mon Feb 1 17:03:45 CET 2010

This is a proposal for a new method for deleting pages. I think that
the current process for deleting pages is a bad method and should be

Currently the deletion of a page can be requested at the Wiki Issues
page[1] by listing it in the table and providing a reason there.
Afterwards all users can vote by entering their username into a
Furthermore there is the option of speedy deletion which is mostly
used for spam. This can be done by adding the "Delete" template to the
page so an admin can delete it.

I think the process of "unspeedy deletion" (the first one) is not
ideal because of two reasons:

1) People will only notice that the page is proposed for deletion if
they check the Wiki Issues page regularly. There has been very little
activity on this page in the last months and I have already deleted
several pages where I was the only one who voted.

2) Discussing the proposal for deletion is hardly possible

Therefore I'm proposing these changes to the process of deletion:

1) All pages which are proposed for deletion will be marked with a
spectial template (similar to the one marking candidates for speedy
delition [2]). This will make more people aware of the fact that the a
page is proposed for deletion.

2) The section "pages proposed for deletion" should have separate
subsections where people can discuss about each page that is proposed
for deletion.

As usual, any comments are welcome!



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