new process for deleting pages

Marko Knöbl openmoko.marko at
Wed Feb 3 10:17:56 CET 2010

2010/2/3, Alishams Hassam <alishams at>:
> This sounds alot better to me. I didn't even know those sections existed
> else I would've checked more often. Since I don't forsee mass deletions,
> I would also like to propose a message be sent to this list (perhaps
> automated). I don't check the lesser known pages too often but do make
> use of them sometimes, having a message on the list ensures those of us
> who want to pay attention have blatent reminders.
I agree with Petr here: As a mailing list is intended for discussions
and not for notifications i think sending such messages over the list
is a bad idea.

If you would like to get a notification about this I'd like to point
out that you can subscribe to an RSS/Atom - feed which notifies you
when a page is changed. You can subscribe to this feed from the page's
"history" tab on the wiki.

As the feedback has been positive so far I'll soon start a draft for a
new guideline for the Openmoko Wiki Editing Guidelines on my user
page. (öbl/ )

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