planning for a survey

Marko Knöbl openmoko.marko at
Tue Feb 16 20:48:34 CET 2010

Hi! I'm thinking about doing another survey/poll among Neo users to
find out what distros are in use at the monent and some other related
questions. As far as I know there have been two surveys so far, one of
them in February 2009 [1], and one in August 2009 [2]. As there has
been a lot of change concerning the distributions in the last six
months I think it's time to do a survey again.

Before going ahead and just initiating a survey I thought I'd ask for
opinions on this list concerning what tool to use and what questions
to ask.

The two previous surveys were done with the Google Docs and Doodle,
and I think both tools are do not fit this purpose. I've found the
website which seems to be very interesting. Any other

Concerning the questions: here are some which I find interesting.
However I haven't spent much time thinking about them yet:

*What version of the Neo are you using?
*Do you use your Neo as a daily phone?
*Which distribution(s) are you using regularly?
*Which bootloader are you using?
*Did you experience the buzz problem?
*Are you contributing to Openmoko projects?

What do you think?


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