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Michael 'Mickey' Lauer schreef:
> Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:
>> Will OpenMoko Framework define font sizes or will we have random ones like
>> it is done now?
> Uhm... random? We have a strictly defined font sizes as per the
> openmoko-theme-standard -- at least for Gtk+ applications.

Hardcoding sizes for a randomly picked wrong DPI != strictly defining

A font size is a real world unit, so "font size 8" will always be e.g. 8mm in height,
whichever display you display it on.

>> People will run apps on devices with misc DPI setting, misc resolutions,
>> orientations etc - now I think that some apps use large fonts when normal
>> ones will be OK.

It's not that simple, since size and DPI are unrelated, but telling X the proper DPI and
having a *sane* default for fontsizes goes a long way.

> Please give concrete examples 

You lie about DPI, so your fontsize *are* random, no excuse is going to alter that.

> and I'll look into changing that. NOTE:
> Don't judge according to your Angstrom build since this messes with
> the DPI

no, it doesn't:

OE .dev is still bug-compatible (hurray!) with openmoko, till I or someone else finds time
to add a patch[1] to use proper fontsizes to OE.
The reason I haven't added it in the past is the fact that you aren't going to merge it to
 openmoko svn in a timely fashion (before p1) and after p1 you will say something like "we
can't change it now". Understandable, but still wrong[2].

> -- you need to install the OpenMoko distribution. The latest
> image can be found in

Same random fontsize for random dpi crap as .dev has, please fix it properly.

amazingly annoyed,


[1] basically 4 sed statements and doing a diff
[2] Yes, it pisses me off more than you can imagine
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