FingerWheel and Toolbar

Rob Bradford rob at
Wed Apr 25 22:27:22 CEST 2007

On Wed, 2007-04-25 at 20:54 +0200, Dr. Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> >> sounds pretty cool -- there's just one question I'm asking myself...
> >> do we really need dbus for that or would X-Properties be sufficient
> >> (and more efficient) here?
> >> 
> >         I will take that in mind.
> >         My problem is that D-Bus is made for IPC while X-Properties don't.
> Correct. Maybe I'm prematurely optimizing here. Just go ahead with your
> original proposal and lets see how it works out.

Martin, Mickey,

You are indeed right in spotting that X properties is probably the wrong
thing here. I think the nicest solution is to synthesise the appropriate
X events like you would expect from a scroll wheel (e.g. button 4/5).
This also makes it easy for a process to hook into these in a widget
specific way rather than having to work it out yourself.

The other problem is how to know when to show this toolbar,
set a _MOKO_FINGER_CONTROLS=[0|1] on the root window, or something, we
can worry about this later.

How does that sound? I'll give you all the help you need to implement

This also makes it consistent with the way the keyboard works. I'll need
to check with Matthew about how to ensure that we can send the events to
the right place. Like the way matchbox-keyboard doesn't grab the focus



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