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Vikas Murthy vikasm at
Mon Feb 26 08:23:08 CET 2007

Hello Developers,

I am Vikas N.R and I am new to OpenMoko.

I tried to get the exact hold of what OpenMoko is but couldn't.

Can you all please help me in knowing what OpenMoko is basically? 
Here I go,
1) Is it an OS for mobile phones??

    This is an important one:
    Can I use OpenMoko source code and put it on a hardware platform (a
reference board with a LCD display, used during development of
applications) and  
    simulate a mobile phone like environment ( basic GUI and
funcationalities).?? And develop applications on it??

3) What do I need to develop applications for OpenMoko phones? I mean
what development framework (something like Qtopia)?

I thank you for your time.

Vikas N.R


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