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Vasco Névoa vasco.nevoa at
Thu Jul 26 16:42:39 CEST 2007

Howdy, folks.

First: you are my greatest heroes. Seriously.

Second: I thought about starting a project for a Reminder App that is triggered not by time, but by Geopositioning and Bluetooth interactions.

But then I saw that most of the code would be logically inserted into the framework - that is where it should be in a clean design.

Two example use cases:

1 - Remind me to go to the local pharmacy when I am less than 50m away from it, and traveling on foot or on bicycle (at less than 15km/h).

2 - Remind me to ask back a borrowed book whenever I meet person X (with bluetooth phone Y).

These use cases are fully dependent upon hardware events (entering/leaving geofence, bluetooth device discovery/loss), and therefore it makes full sense to integrate as much as possible into the framework, wouldn't you agree?

>From I can see that you have more or less selected "libmokonet" for this kind of thing. Am I correct? Would we need a new lib to avoid overgrowing this one?

Use case 2 can be implemented right away, just by listening on dbus bluez events. But use case 1 is nowhere near possible, because A: the gpsd part appears to be still WIP; B: I don't know where to put the "geofencing" logic.

So, how would you guys go about doing this?

Happy Hacking!

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