Xsettings in OpenMoko

Thomas Wood thomas at openedhand.com
Wed Mar 28 12:31:33 CEST 2007

GTK+ allows various settings to be set via the Xsettings[1] protocol. 
Now that we have an icon theme for OpenMoko, it would be a good idea to 
add an xsettings-daemon to manage and update the Xsettings properties. 
Using Xsettings is currently the only way to set the icon theme name in 

The advantages of using Xsettings would be that it would allow users to 
change aspect of GTK+ without having to restart all their GTK+ 
applications. Xsettings is designed from the outset to be lightweight, 
and is also toolkit agnostic.

OpenedHand has developed a light weight settings daemon[2] that reads 
keys from gconf and manages the Xsettings properties. I would like to 
propose that this be included in OpenMoko. Settings daemon is already 
available in OpenEmbedded[3].

Does anyone have any queries or comments?



[1] http://standards.freedesktop.org/xsettings-spec/xsettings-spec-0.5.html

[2] http://svn.o-hand.com/view/matchbox/trunk/settings-daemon/


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