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Thomas Wood thomas at
Wed Mar 28 16:14:39 CEST 2007

Hi Mickey,

We've been thinking about the Communication History use cases, and here 
is the result of some brain storming.

We decided it would be a good idea if we can store the information in a 
vJournal, which is a format of the iCalendar specification. See section 
4.6.3 of the iCalendar specification[1].

In addition to the fields that iCalendar gives us (date, time, contact, 
etc.), we will need some extra encoded information:

Entry types
  - SMS
  - Call
  - Voice Message

Extra Call information
  - Duration
  - Type: Received, Dialled
  - Missed flag
  - "Read" flag

Extra SMS information
  - "Read" flag

The idea is to build this functionality into a new light-weight library 
that will hide the complexities of libecal. The API for this library 
will need to be very simple and easy to use, as it will be used in 
several applications across OpenMoko (contacts, dialer, gsmd). Here are 
some use cases:

* Add new entry
* Remove entry
* Mark entry (e.g. SMS or Missed Call) as "read"

* Search Use Cases
   - Find all "unread" missed calls
   - Find all "unread" SMS
   - Last 10 entries for Person
   - All dialled numbers

Can anyone add any use cases to this list, or extra information that 
should be stored in the journal?



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