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Thomas Wood thomas at
Wed Mar 28 18:08:07 CEST 2007

Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:
> Dnia środa, 28 marca 2007, Thomas Wood napisał:
>> Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:
>>> Dnia środa, 28 marca 2007, Thomas Wood napisał:
>>>> In addition to the fields that iCalendar gives us (date, time,
>>>> contact, etc.), we will need some extra encoded information:
>>>> Entry types
>>>>   - SMS
>>> - SMS/MMS
>> Do we treat these separately, or just a special type of "Message"
>> entry? We could add e-mail as another Message type too.
> I would keep SMS/MMS as one type and email as second one.

OK, but I think the Messages program is going to deal with both SMS, MMS 
and E-Mail in the same application.

>>>>   - "Read" flag
>> I should probably explain here, a "Read" call entry means that (for
>> example) a missed call entry is no longer counted in current missed
>> calls.
> But it is still listed in missed calls.

Yes, of course.

>>>> Extra SMS information
>>>>   - "Read" flag
>>> - "Delivered" flag (GSM provide delivery raports)
>> I don't know if delivery reports is something we want to keep in
>> History?
> Definitelly! I do not want to have another Nokia crap just because first 
> letter is same. Ericsson, Alcatel phones implement delivery raports in 
> proper way, Nokia totally fscked it. Each sent message (sms or mms) can 
> contain request of delivery raport (with delivery time set up to 7 days). 
> When phone gets raport it should inform user that message was delivered 
> (and to whom and at what time) and then message in phone memory should be 
> marked as delivered.

OK, I've only used Samsung phones until a few weeks ago when I got a 
Nokia. On the Samsungs deliver reports just appeared as received SMS, 
and I usually just deleted them the instant I get them. I don't know the 
specification, but is there actually a way to link the delivery report 
with the original SMS?

>>>>    - Last 10 entries for Person
>>>>    - All dialled numbers
>>> - All received numbers
>>> - All missed numbers
>> Where would these use cases be useful?
> In my SE phone (and in Alcatel one) press of 'Red' button give me call 
> list split to:
> - all calls
> - received calls
> - dialled calls
> - missed calls
> And each entry has:
> - icon of type of connection (rec/dial/miss)
> - number type icon (cell, work, home, other or none if not in contacts)
> - name of contact (or number if not in contacts)
> - date time of call (in next line)
> It is much more useful then 'last dialled' list provided in Nokia phones.

Ah sorry, wasn't thinking straight here. Personally I've never used 
anything other than the recently dialled list.



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