Communication History Overview (long, brainstormy)

Thomas Wood thomas at
Thu Mar 29 10:59:21 CEST 2007

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Thomas Wood wrote:
>> * Search Use Cases
> [...]
>>    - Last 10 entries for Person
> I hope you mean "N" :-) E.g., when I call a person, I may want to be
> able to quickly retrieve all relevant communication, no matter how old.
> ("Do you remember the address of that restaurant we went to last time
> we've been in Madrid, some three years ago ?")

This was a couple of example use cases, not an exhaustive list.

In reply to the rest of your e-mail, most of what you have suggested is 
possible, or already provided by, our suggested implementation. The 
calendar component of Evolution data server stores it's data in the 
standard iCalendar format, so it would also be trivial for third party 
applications to process the data (although we will be adding a few 
custom fields). There are also already solutions to synchronise e-d-s 
(including the calendar component) using SyncML.



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