autotools based build system for OM2007.2

Rodolphe Ortalo rodolphe.ortalo at
Sun Nov 25 16:52:24 CET 2007


I just published a patch that provides a recursive auto{make,conf}
system for the OM2007.2 subtree of OpenMoko source tree.
 I do *not* think that the patch is ready for iinclusion yet (primarily
because it does not build everything yet), but I'd like it to receive
wider testing now if possible. Hence this message.

The patch is available at an URL shown below. It should apply to SVN
version now. It builds the main libraries, a few applications (dialer2
calculator2) and several panel-plugins; for running on the host as a
conventional GNOME program.
 You need to have the needed dependencies available, like
matchbox-panel2, etc. (and to setup PKG_CONFIG_PATH before configuring).
There is a funny script that runs scripts in the whole tree.
 I am going to extend coverage to other programs.

Enjoy, and of course I welcome your feedback.


Usage example on a fresh source tree:

svn co
cd OM-2007.2
patch -p0 < ./patch-recconf-2007-11-25.patch 
. ./ 
mkdir build && cd build
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/where/dependencies/are/lib/pkgconfig
../configure --enable-gtk-doc --enable-maintainer-mode
--prefix=/some/place/for/test/install --config-cache
nice make
nice make (sgml thingy error simply resolves by re-running)
nice make distcheck (re-running autoreconf may be needed sometimes)

Note in the example above that I usually build in a separate build
directory. make and make distcheck should run, but maybe not at first
shot. If you have make or make distcheck errors (especially if they are
related to generated scripts like depcomp or makedirs), try simply to
re-run make or to re-run "autoreconf" either in the failed program
source tree or at the OM2007.2 root. Usually it solves these issues
permanently (this remains mysterious to me... ;-)

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