[RFC] Introduce ports.

andrzej zaborowski balrogg at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 17:06:33 CEST 2007


the attached patch adds a struct gsmd_port notion which is only
slightly more abstract than gsmd_fd. It is untested, but I'm posting
it to request comments on the approach and suggestions.

The port is much like a tty, the term is used a lot in the TS 07.10
document. I was going through TS 07.10 and implementing the
multiplexing when I noticed that we will need to use some kind of port
notion in gsmd to be able to start and stop the multiplexing, without
going around though pty's. Pty's can be easily implemented on top of
the struct gsmd_port (e.g. for GPRS with pppd).

It should be easy to switch to and from multiplexing mode in the AT
cmd parser with this. The uart fd is wrapped in a struct gsmd_port and
only this struct is used by atcmd.c. When the multiplexer is enabled,
each DLC will provide a (virtual) gsmd_port of its own and atcmd.c can
then be attached to one of these ports. The attached
src/gsmd/ts0710muxing.c is where I left off the multiplexer
implementation, if I can make the multiplexing work until Saturday I
l post a patch under bug #90 (I will be away after Saturday).
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