libgsm usage

M. Dietrich mdt at
Sat Aug 11 12:08:27 CEST 2007


i use libgsm from my app and am not quit shure how to use it. for me
the flow isn't clear. here is my flow:

	first call is lgsm_init()

	unconditionaly the next call is lgsm_phone_power()

	next call would be a lgsm_netreg_register() - but what are the
	pre-condition to do the call? can i do so before it asked me for
	the pin? should i call it, after i was asked for the pin? what if
	it does not ask me for the pin because that was already given or
	the sim is without pin entry?

	assuming it askes me for a pin an i do a lgsm_pin() - how can i
	determine if the pin was correct? by waiting if i get /not/ asked

so essentially i look for a flow diagram using libgsm - is there
anything like that?

best regards,

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