Daniel Ribeiro drwyrm at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 06:40:05 CEST 2007

Hi all.

Im planning on writing an ezx plugin to gsmd, and need some advice...

On ezx, we have a lot of extended AT commands that are not GSM
related, commands to power on/off the bluetooth chip; to get the
BDADDR; set wake-up events (to turn the phone on at a specified time);
to properly turn off the device; to inform usb cable state; and even
key press events.

Also, our baseband is connected via usb, and our( your ;) ) driver
provides 5 char devices which responds to different sets of AT

We have some timing issues that requires us to open the mux devices
quickly after boot-up, and to properly turn-off the handset we need to
write an AT command requesting the poweroff after unmounting the

Does gsmd support (or can be extended to) meet these requirements? Or
should i write a separate daemon for the system stuff and let gsmd
care only about gsm?

Thank you. :)


Daniel Ribeiro

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