gsmd fails to recognize network registration

Rod Whitby rod at
Sun Aug 26 16:01:17 CEST 2007

Rod Whitby wrote:
> Sun Aug 26 14:21:42 2007 <1> atcmd.c:210:ml_parse() buf=`+CREG: 2'(8)
> Sun Aug 26 14:21:42 2007 <1> atcmd.c:278:ml_parse() extd reply `+CREG:
> 2' to cmd `+COPS=0', must be unsolicited
> After that, +COPS=0 is endlessly sent, and gsmd eventually declares the
> modem dead.
> GTA01Bv4, P0 developer version.
> Anyone know what's going on here?  Why isn't the +CREG being matched as
> a response to the +COPS ?

After further investigation, it seems that gsmd-devel is not the
appropriate forum for this problem, as gsmd seems to be correctly
passing the UNREG_BUSY event to libmokogsmd2.

Sorry for the noise.

-- Rod

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