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Christophe Berger christophe.berger at
Mon Sep 10 19:10:07 CEST 2007


I'm working at a french research lab. ( and we are
looking for test platforms. Currently we are using Nokia phones under
Symbian 9.2 but some important API are not available. So, OpenMoko seems
to be the best system but we're also looking for features that are not
available (regarding the wiki).

On the page I saw that listing of
available operators is not implemented, but we're looking for operator
listing and listing of cell antennas the phones hears.

My questions: Are these features planned for development?
Or, can we developp them? I mean, are these feature related to
documented things? or is it under NDA?

Wiki informations :

| Currently missing
| (please add items to this list if you're missing more features)
|    * Network related functions
|          o obtain list of available operators
|          o select operator out of the list
|          o obtain list of operator names
|          o query field strength (rather than just events)

Example of data I need :
 Operator Name: SFR
 Network Mode: WCDMA
 Country code: 208
 Network Id: 10
 Area code: 12101
 Cell Id: 124496
And signal strength

Thank you very much

Christophe Berger
Network R&D Engineer
LIP6 - +33 144 277 277

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