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Christophe Berger 提到:
> Hi,

hi Christophe,

> I'm working at a french research lab. ( and we are
> looking for test platforms. Currently we are using Nokia phones under
> Symbian 9.2 but some important API are not available. So, OpenMoko seems
> to be the best system but we're also looking for features that are not
> available (regarding the wiki).

Thanks for your considering openmoko.

> On the page I saw that listing of
> available operators is not implemented, but we're looking for operator
> listing and listing of cell antennas the phones hears.

In a couple days ago, operator selection functions were implemented and
merged into SVN head.  So, it should be possible to meet your requirements.

The new commands in libgsmd-util are as followings:
  R  -  Register to given operator (R=number)
  P  -  Print current operator
  L  -  Detect available operators
  Q  -  Read signal quality

You can check the functions with _opers_ naming for details.

> My questions: Are these features planned for development?

Sure!  wiki is not updated at the moment, which is misleading though.

> Or, can we developp them? I mean, are these feature related to
> documented things? or is it under NDA?

It should not be involved with NDA.

- -jserv
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