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> Example of data I need :
>  Operator Name: SFR
>  Network Mode: WCDMA
>  Country code: 208
>  Network Id: 10
>  Area code: 12101
>  Cell Id: 124496
> And signal strength
These informations are available to the user of libgsmd as indications. Each time that the phone choses another tower, it will send that update through an indication. This do not require changes in the GSM chipset.

However, having informations on all the Cells that the phone sees (neighbour cells or other operator's cells is not possible without changes to the GSM chipset firmware).

In fact what I've planned to do is to create an application that would log the GPS position each time it receives that registration update in order to create a kind of base-station location database in order to create a kind of location service without the need of GPS hardware, based on the cell ids that we're in.

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