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On 9/10/07, Christophe Berger <christophe.berger at> wrote:
> Hi,
> On the page I saw that listing of
> available operators is not implemented, but we're looking for operator
> listing and listing of cell antennas the phones hears.
> My questions: Are these features planned for development?
> Or, can we developp them? I mean, are these feature related to
> documented things? or is it under NDA?

You will probably find that all of the information you need is
available directly
through the AT Command interface to the GSM Modem Chipset. For at least
the next several months you will probably find it best to obtain this
directly. See the wiki for how to talk directly to the GSM modem.

Refer to the GSM specs for most of the commands. There are a number of
commands that do not appear to be TI proprietary secrets (since they
are documented by
other manufacturers that use similar chipsets). Of particular interest
to you will
probably be the engineering mode commands that begin with AT%EM. These
will give you information e.g. adjacent cells etc. You'll have do some
serious googling
to find documentation on these command. (or PM me and i'll give you a link).

The AT+COPS=? command will give you network information but it doesn't seem to
work correctly unless you are already registered on some network.

You can expect that in the future all sorts of network information
will be available through
some form of API. However, I would not expect to see this for several months.

Keep in mind that openmoko aims to work across multiple hardware
platforms some of
which may use different GSM modem chipsets. Non GSM standard commands may
be different on different chipsets and not all commands or modes
defined in the spec
are available on any chipset.

Hope this helps.


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