[Phone Server dbus API]: sync vs. async

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at openmoko.org
Wed Jan 30 15:27:00 CET 2008


as you might know I'm working on the dbus API for the forthcoming phone 
server. There's a conceptual disagreement about whether to use a mainly 
synchronous or mainly asynchronous API, e.g. would you rather call a method 
that returns the results or call a method that triggers a signal that will 
eventually come.

The synchronous API may be simpler to follow, however the asynchronous API is 
more natural since both the modem and the UI are basically event-based 

However, it looks like 90% of the existing dbus APIs are using the synchronous 

This decision is quite important as it lays out the base for the phone server 
architecture and possibly eventually a reimplementation of the gsm 0707 

Please give your input -- for reference, the current state of the dbus API can 
be checked out with:

svn co svn://projects.linuxtogo.org/svn/smartphones/trunk 

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