Work on gsmd as a GSoC project

Sudharshan S sudharsh at
Sat Mar 8 15:37:00 CET 2008

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Hi list,

I have been playing around with OpenMoko for quite some time now,
especially with libgsmd and friends.

I would love to work on libgsmd this summer as part of the GSoC. I am
aware of the work done by Mickeyl and emdete for, so
would like to have some comments from the list. (No one likes duplicated
 effort ;D).

As far as libgsmd is concerned, I would love to help around in two areas.
1.) Complete the API according to the specifications and do some cleanup.
2.) Implement gsm0710 specs (which does with dbus?).
I happened to come across some patches[1] in the bug tracker which
brings the mux in a lower level. Maybe it would be useful if we pull
that together and make it work?.

I must say, I am not a guru as far as gsm stuff is concerned, so I could
really use some expert advice on this, especially on areas where I can
help around.


Sudharshan S

P.S: Even if OM doesnt make it to the GSoC, I can still help. :D
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